Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Infinite - Paradise

Imba Song + movement.. this month songz

Garena AFK map vs Garena Hack (Garena Ultimate or Garena Master)

Garena AFK map = waste time.. ruining ur desktop.. electricity..
Garena Hack    = the good one.. you can achieve : 
              15minute = 150 exp (basic member)
              15minute = 300 exp (gold member)
Hack that widely used is Garena Ultimate and Garena Master.. no ppl had been caught using this 2 kind of hack unless u r using other 3rd party software such as maphack.. This 2 hack kinda safe.. based on my experience this 1 year, Garena Ultimate is the best hack because it based on old garena client.. For Garena Master, it's patched.. if original garena client is updated, ur Garena Master also need to be updated.. Garena Ultimate no need to be update unless Garena system is changes (period for change maybe twice for a year).. Besides that, this both garena hack need a good server that will ensure u to gain enough experience.. (refer top is the maximum experience you can get).. but be careful, if you do multi client (for maximum exp) dont afk in different room.. 3 different multi client + different server + afk 3 client in same room will give u maximum experience and hard been caught by admin using exp hack..

the things u need to do is CONTRIBUTE :

u can get many idea from this site.. they will share news, working server for hack, trading account and additional information.. but be careful with the other user in that forum.. =)

Garena Plus Client!!!

This is the new client made from Garena to all Garena user.. for this client, maximum for each room is 335.. so the potential for you to join a room is fast as Gold Member because it is newly introduce and not many user willing to use it.. maybe lack of promotion or something like that.. clan system also got improvement after long time freeze by the Garena system.. there are two choices for gamer by using Garena Classic or Garena Plus..

resources :