Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garena Afk Map!!!

Btui ke AFK nih boost garena exp??
brdasarkan pgalaman latest nih map afk 3.0 ngan 3.2 la... 3.2 much more better exp than 3.0..

for 3.2 (windrunner afk)
for 6 hours afk = gain 10% exp

for 3.0 (anti-mage afk)
for 6 hours afk = gain 4-5% exp seem very huge different!!!
tapi knp otai2 garena lebih memilih 3.0?? (0.o)

die tulih cam nih trusss!!!

Garena [HIGH*] EXP AFK map

ello everyone,

*Garena exp afk map not allowed
I'm currently trying to quantify the specific values of EXP gain per-player ratio in correlation to time by conducting evaluation tests. Notwithstanding specific values, the apparent gain is obvious nonetheless.
I'm hoping for the support of Garena on this project.
The fundamentals at the core of this map utilizes the way in which Garena allocates EXP.
i,e based on length of game, number of players, and weather you achieve victory
My map allows up to 12 players to go AFK for either a set specific amount of time ranging from 1-8 hours
or up to the players and/or host's discretion.
The more players you start and end game with means the more EXP points you get.
*Garena exp afk map not allowed
There is game play involved in the map but it is minimal at this time.
It is simply a hero duel at the moment with a few hero imbalances.
The purpose of the game isn't behind the game play but for gaining EXP.
I hope to release more exciting versions in the future.
*Garena exp afk map not allowed

oh, btui ke???
tapi ade tips cam nih plok nk gain exp cepat..

[Tips and Tricks] Garena Experience (EXP) Boosting

I know 4 ways to get high exp in garena.

1) Play CALL OF DUTY 4 Same rules with the ones that applied with CounterStrike before. CounterStrike EXP has been capped in Garena 3.0

2) Play a CUSTOM MAP named FUFU UNITED NINJA ALL-STARS Yup, that's right. All you need is to have Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Next step is to download this map.

It's the most popular CUSTOM map in the Philippines right now since it has a really FAST EXP gain. If you can't find it there, the alternative is to search it on

So how do you get the FULL EXP gain? and what makes this map give lottsa EXP? To fully gain the MAX EXP, you have to do the following:

a) HOST the game <-hosts get higher EXP
b) Have a FULL House <-max 12 players (more players, more EXP)
c) Enjoy the game. The more times you play, the more EXP you get.
d) Before I forget, FINISH the game. <-the game lasts between 5 to 10 minutes so it's relatively FAST compared to DOTA and TreeTag Simple but effective.And remember, never leave games.

3.Get high Exp in Garena by playing Garena AFK maps.

download  link from here.

4. Get  high exp  by also playing  Pimp My Bloody Peon Final 1.0 map.

download  from here.

Mane 1 btui, atas kite pengguna!!!

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