Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dota version 6.68

Dota 6.68 is out! 
Notable changes:
4 New Heroes!
Wisp, Thrall, Eredar, Gyrocopter
2 New Items!
Arcane Boots (replacing Arcane Ring)
Orb of Venom

Dota 6.68 with a hugelist changelogs. There was a big chance of having bugs in it.

so pandai2 la maen..
yg penting skill gyrocopter x msuk akal..
terlalu gay!! ouch..
featuring dis hero making dota become hard game..
1st game tdi maen 83minutes..
ppl picking 4 new hero.. other onli furion, pudge n techies.. omg..
got some headache, n forcing team playing BD..
longest game n ever..

in memory 28 July 2010, at 10.30pm start game~

Latest Map: 6.68
Random Mirror

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Language: English
Date: 2010-07-28
MD5: 478996696c8d50b65c46ce5c5b999eb3
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