Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earn free Gold Member in Garena!!

It will take less den 2 months 2 b gold member.Devote Ur 2 min daily to click just 4 adds for which u will b paid den u can purchase gold membership via paypal

After playing DotA for 2 years i have realized that gold membership is extremely necessary for professional gamers.
But, most of the gamers are students and do not have a credit card (
and we cant ask money from our parents for online gaming .Hence there's always a way out
Yes, there is a simple way to be a gold member without a credit card on garena within 2 months
I came across this amazing site in search of online earning. You can register it at
Now before registering at this site read below carefully.
At this site you get 4 adds a day to view which gets you 0.04$
1 months gold membership on garena costs 4$. So you need to earn atleast 0.14$ a day for goldmembership.
After ONE MONTH of clicking at this site you ca refer this site to your friends, so when they click 4 adds u get an extra 0.02$ a day.

So if you just refer this site to 5 friends who click daily you get
0.04$ + 0.02$ + 0.02$ + 0.02$ + 0.02$ +0.02$ = 0.14$ a day.
0.14$ x 30 days = 4.2 $ a month and garena goldmembership a month costs 4 $
As simple as that.
Before Joining this site you will need a paypal account which can be created at
Remember Paypal accounts can be created without credit cards also.
They might ask PAN number too, you can give a fake PAN card number if you are sure you don't want to link your credit card in future
I have tried this and have become a gold member on garena, before my gold membership expires i already have another 4.2$ in my account so i become Gm that very day again.

If you have any queries you can mail me at

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